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Good Marriages Make Their Own Rules – Just Ask Carson Daly

Good Marriages Make Their Own Rules – Just Ask Carson Daly There’s an old saying that goes, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” Meaning, in all things good and worthy, there is sacrifice and compromise that goes into making them. The same can be said of marriage. In order to have a successful, happy, and healthy relationship with your significant other, there sometimes must be sacrifice and compromise.

Famous talk show host Carson Daly and his wife Siri Daly figured that out when they decided to sleep in different rooms. Some people may find this odd, but the Dalys aren’t the only ones who have found this method to be helpful and healthy for their marriage. However, when you have exhausted all routes of compromise and acceptable sacrifice, and your marriage is still untenable, that’s when you might want to seek out the help of a family law attorney.

Carson Daly’s “sleep divorce” may have saved his marriage

On the Today Show, Daly went into some detail describing the struggles of his marriage and what it took for the couple to become happy and healthy in their relationship. While Siri was pregnant with their fourth child, the couple found it difficult to sleep through the night, and with Carson suffering from sleep apnea (causing loud snoring), they knew they had to change something.

Lack of sleep can lead to irritability and increased feelings of anger. A good night’s sleep can increase our ability to solve problems and relate to others. Not only that, but good sleep can lead to reducing stress, improving our moods, and keeping us physically healthy.

The Dalys decided that they needed to sleep in separate rooms in order to get the rest they needed. Ever since they made the decision, Daly says, it was the best thing to happen to their marriage. And he’s not alone. Business Insider reports:

A 2017 survey from the National Sleep Foundation found an estimated one in four married couples part ways before bedtime. Some couples opt for two beds in the same room, while others like Daly prefer separate rooms, but they all agree that sleep divorce has improved their sleep and in turn, their relationships.

It may seem like an odd choice to some of us, but then we should ask ourselves what lengths would we go to in order to save our marriage? The most important part perhaps of a relationship is honest and open communication. It is important to gauge each others’ needs and desires, and to work together to make each other happy.

What are other non-traditional ideas to strengthen a marriage?

Sleeping in separate rooms is only one way of changing your lifestyle to support your relationship. There are other ways that many couples have chosen to help them strengthen their marriage. Some of these include:

  • Living together apart. Similar to a “sleeping divorce,” living together apart (LAT) is where the individuals in the intimate relationship do not live in the same house on purpose. There doesn’t need to be a terrible reason for this. Many couples say it comes down to living preferences. One person in the relationship may be extremely neat, where the other one likes collecting items and doesn’t mind clutter. The reasons a couple may choose an LAT relationship may be due to financial, personal, or both.
  • Open or polyamorous relationships. Perhaps you’ve heard about open relationships. Many are wary of this sort of relationship due to traditional monogamous marriages being the cultural norm here in America. Sarah Melancon, Ph.D., Sociologist & Clinical Sexologist, notes, “The two main types of an open marriage are swinging and polyamory. Swinging refers to casual sex outside the relationship while polyamory involves romantic longer-term relationships (that often involve sex as well). These scenarios can certainly overlap with open marriages as well.”  Benefits of open relationships include: stronger trust, satisfaction, less sexual pressure, and better communication skills.

These options are not right for everyone, but they have worked for many, strengthening their relationships and bonds with those they love. It may be worth it to explore your options if you are worried about your marriage.

What can I do if my marriage doesn’t work out?

Sometimes, even though we do everything we can, two people just aren’t meant to be together for the rest of their lives. When this happens, it would be wise to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney, who can help you go over your legal options including: separation, divorce, child custody, and alimony. A divorce doesn’t need to be messy, and lawyers can lead you through more private, quiet, and less costly options along the way, such as divorce mediation.

If you are having trouble with your marriage, first of all, it’s important to try and communicate with your partner your needs and wants, as well as to listen to theirs. If compromise is not an option, then you may wish to seek a separation or divorce from your spouse. At Epperson Law Group, PLLC, our Charlotte attorneys help handle disputes and conflicts with care and understanding. We also know that sometimes, divorce is the only answer. Let us take care of you and your family. We know that divorces can be stressful, but we will work to keep as much stress off of you as possible. To reserve a consultation with one of our lawyers in Charlotte, Concord, Boone, and Weddington, please call 704-321-0031 or fill out our contact form.