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Will My Ex-Spouse Get My Military Pension?

Going through a divorce is tough enough; but when one spouse is a member of the military, it can be even more complex than you can imagine. And the last thing you should need to worry about when going through a divorce is losing your pension and having what should be a relaxing retirement be…

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6 Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

A recent post on Reddit sparked a much-needed conversation about red flags in relationships. A user explained the situation she was currently in and asked if she was in the wrong: she agreed to watch her three-year-old niece for a week and a half as a favor while her sister recovered from surgery. As she…

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How to Hire a Family Law Firm

Divorce is an extremely traumatic experience.  At precisely the time in your life when you are the most vulnerable, you’re asked to make calm rational decisions about your economic and emotional future. If you have children, the trauma increases dramatically because children’s lives are turned upside down when their parents divorce. Some children feel responsible…

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Don’t Just Stay Together for the Kids

Even with constant fighting and sleepless nights, married couples often avoid “the D-word.”. After all, the idea behind marriage is till death do you part, a final commitment to another person to stay with them through the good and bad, so it is common for people to feel like a divorce is a failure of…

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