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Don’t Just Stay Together for the Kids

Even with constant fighting and sleepless nights, married couples often avoid “the D-word.”. After all, the idea behind marriage is till death do you part, a final commitment to another person to stay with them through the good and bad, so it is common for people to feel like a divorce is a failure of…

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Your Rights in a Same-Sex Divorce in North Carolina

Since 2015, it has been legal in every state for LGBTQ+ individuals to marry. Gay and lesbian couples, however, often face unique issues and concerns that opposite-sex couples do not. These concerns can make the divorce process more challenging, especially when it comes to child custody and support. At Epperson Law Group, we believe that…

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Why COVID May Spike the Divorce Rate Years from Now

The coronavirus pandemic has elevated the risk of domestic violence, bringing the issue to the forefront as it relates not only to couples, but children. As more people are working from home or have lost their jobs it has added stress to already strained marriages. Quarantining people together who are already explosive can have a…

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How Could Divorce Affect Your LLC?

When you get married and choose to merge finances to create a true partnership, not everyone thinks about the “what ifs” later in life. That can be particularly true when you choose to start a business. Most couples are focused on the details of ensuring their new venture is being set up and run properly.…

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How to Request a Child Support Modification

Everyone’s circumstances in life change. They can change at a moment’s notice with or without warning. These circumstances can create a major financial problem, especially if you are paying or receiving child support. Child support agreements, even if already in place, can be modified by requesting a change through the court. An adjustment can be…

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How to Map Out an Estate Plan

Estate planning is for everyone, not just a select few. The only time it’s too late to create an estate plan is after you’re gone. That’s why now is just a good a time as any for you to create a plan that protects your assets, your dependents, and yourself. Mapping out an estate plan…

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