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Dividing Retirement Plans – The QDRO

When you and your spouse divorce, your marital assets and debts will be divided between you. Often, the marital assets of greatest value are retirement plans, including pensions and profit-sharing plans such as 401(k)s. Unfortunately, dividing retirement assets is not usually as simple as transferring money from one account to another, or “cashing out” an…

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Issues Specific to Military Divorces

Serving your country is one of the most admirable occupations someone can choose. It’s also fraught with hardship. Many members of the military marry – and often, they marry young, which means their young spouses and children also serve and sign on to endure long-term absenteeism of their spouse. Both parties in a military marriage…

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Things No One Tells You after Your Divorce Is Final

There are so many pitfalls of divorce that you are unfortunately forced to learn as you go. Every divorce is as different as the people going through one so it stands to reason that while some events will be similar, everyone’s overall experience will be unique. At some point you begin to realize that adjusting…

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Can I Date While I’m Legally Separated?

Once you have come to terms with the fact that your marriage really is over, you may begin to think about starting fresh with a new relationship, or even just dating. For some people, moving on is a little easier than it is for others, and you can’t predict when you might meet the right…

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Who Are the People Who Assist with My Divorce?

When you hire a law firm to handle your divorce, you likely believe that your attorneys will handle everything going forward, and that your job has been reduced to providing periodic information to them and showing up for court. In some cases this may be true, especially if you and your spouse are splitting amicably…

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Tying Up the Loose Ends of Your Divorce

It never fails. Your divorce is over, and you feel like you’re finally going to get some breathing room, but you still have some unfinished business to handle. Complying with the terms of your divorce decree can feel like a long, drawn out homework assignment, but the sooner you get through it, the sooner you…

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Be a Survivor: Divorce Based on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has become such a significant crisis in the United States that the entire month of October is dedicated to its awareness. For those who are battered, it can seem like an impossible situation to escape. The National Domestic Violence Hotline reports that “More than 1 in 3 women (35.6%) and more than 1…

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