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While divorce proceedings end the marriage, and divorce agreements and orders establish boundaries, parents with children still need a lot of guidance after the contested issues are resolved. Parents need to manage their time, manage their child’s time, and communicate with each other so their children have the emotional, family, and financial support they need.

One new area of assistance for divorced parents is the development of new family software apps. There are many new applications on the market. Which app works best depends on various factors such as the number of children, the ages of the children, and how well the parents get along. Some apps are free. Some have free trial periods. Others require a monthly subscription. Some run on Android systems. Others require Apple devices., an online resource for moms and dads, suggests giving the following apps a try.

  • We Parent. This mobile app helps parents:
    • Create custody schedules
    • Keep lists and contacts
    • Provide a calendar for events and appointments
    • Message each other securely
    • Keep documents and photos
  • This is a general app for parents and others. Its tools include shared calendars, photos, and to-do-lists. It can be set up for access for children and grandparents as well as parents.
  • This app was created by divorced parents to keep the lines of communication open. Each parent has a separate account. There’s one feature, called ToneMeter, that “works a little like a spellchecker, picking up on negative tones in a message and giving you an alternative that’s less likely to start an argument.” This app also keeps track of communications in case you need accurate records for any court appearance.
  • Custody Connection. This program uses a central calendar “with a synchronized custody schedule.” Parents can use the app to switch custody dates by making “trade requests.” The app records which requests are accepted and which ones are denied and updates the calendar to avoid any confusion.
  • 2Housesis another app with a calendar and an ability to add photos and notes. The app includes a messaging service. It also has a mediator service.

Other apps that recommends include:

At Epperson Law Group, PLLC, our Charlotte family lawyers understand how traumatic divorce is for parents and children. In addition to fighting for your legal rights, we often provide practical advice, based on our extensive experience, on how to cope with a divorce and how to enjoy life after the divorce. We have offices Charlotte, Boone and Weddington. Call us at 704-321-0031 or complete our contact page to schedule an appointment.