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Statistics: Children & Divorce

The prevalence of divorce in the United States has helped researchers gather data on how divorce impacts families. In this post, Epperson Law Group will discuss pertinent statistics concerning how divorce impacts children. We hope you can use this data to help your kids through your divorce process.

Children & Divorce Statistics

Educational Impact

Divorce can significantly impact a child’s education. For example, when compared to children living with adoptive or biological parents, a child of divorce is three times more likely to repeat a year of school due to poor performance. Unfortunately, children living with one biological parent and one stepparent are just as likely to repeat a grade as a child living with a single parent.

Children in single-parent environments are nearly 10% less likely to enter college when compared to children who live with their biological parents. Additionally, children who live with a stepparent are 15% less likely to enter college when compared to children who live in single-parent environments.

With this knowledge in mind, we recommend working extra hard to help your children succeed in school. Assist them with homework, ask them about their teacher, and be involved with extra-curricular activities.

Physical Impact

  • Children of divorce have a greater chance of developing physical maladies (asthma, headaches, speech impediments, etc.) than children who live with biological parents.
  • Children of divorce are 50% more likely to develop health problems.

Psychological Impact

  • Teens who live with a single parent or a stepparent are 300% more likely to need psychological help.
  • Children of divorce are more at-risk for psychological problems than children who experience the death of a parent.
  • Children of divorce are nearly twice as likely to attempt suicide.

Representation Matters

The family law attorney you pick for your case can have a drastic impact on its outcome. If you want the best for your kids, then you want a family law attorney who will fight for your case with their best interests in mind.

Call (704) 200-9278 now for representation that fights for your family!

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