How We Help You Divide Real Estate And Other Investments In Divorce

Epperson Law PLLC collaborates with expert real estate appraisers, your financial adviser(s), your accountant(s) and other investment and tax experts to gain a full picture of your investments and the implications of property division. The tax effects of distributing the value of real estate assets and other investments will be different than the tax consequences that may occur as a result of selling your marital home.

At Epperson Law PLLC, with offices in the Charlotte area, we work diligently to help you mitigate tax consequences and preserve asset values in the divorce process. A QDRO to avoid tax implications in retirement plan division can be instrumental in this effort.

Each of your investments represents a significant portion of your wealth, but each investment must be evaluated as to its value and whether it is marital or separate property. Additionally, portions of each investment may be separate property while other portions are marital property. For example, the cost of an investment one spouse acquired prior to marriage will be separate property owned by that spouse, but the appreciation on that investment during the marriage will be marital property. However, if the investment was commingled or jointly owned by the spouses at any point, it will likely be viewed as marital property by the court.

Real estate is often the most substantial asset(s) in a marriage, but this is not always the case. Our attorneys are able to help you evaluate ownership in stocks, bonds, retirement plans, businesses and other investments. We will protect what is rightfully yours in consideration with your objectives for your whole property division agreement.

Your Marital Home And Real Estate Investments

Many affluent investors have been acquiring both commercial and residential real estate in the opportune years following the economic downturn caused by the mortgage and financial crisis. As opportunities have picked up so have the values of investments. Whether your portfolio includes undeveloped land, farm land, vacation property, rental homes, condos, apartments, office buildings or investments with a real estate broker or REIT, our attorneys can help you divide your real estate investments equitably in divorce.

North Carolina is an equitable distribution state, which means that property is rarely divided in a pure 50-50 split. Instead, your property will be divided in a fair manner based on the valuations of both separate and marital property, each spouse's contributions to the marriage and several other factors.

Determining who gets the house (your marital home) also depends on many circumstances, including whether the home was purchased with separate funds, whether you have minor children for whom it would be better to live in the marital home, which spouse is awarded primary custody and whether domestic violence is involved in your divorce case.

Top-Tier Legal Representation Is Essential

Our lawyers each bring 24 years of legal experience to your case, including significant experience as U.S. Military JAG Corps officers. Our law firm is disciplined, yet flexible to your unique needs. We serve clients throughout North Carolina, and we personalize our representation to your goals.

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