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Divorce gets uglier as wife sues father-in-law

The end of a marriage is never easy. Often, there is a mixture of emotions involved, financial decisions to be made in terms of spousal support, and division of assets. Any one of these is enough to fuel the tensions between divided spouses into an explosive court battle, whether the parties reside in North Carolina or somewhere else.

In some cases, one spouse will blame the breakup on in-laws, accusing them of butting into the marriage. One such divorce has grown a little uglier as a wife has filed a lawsuit against her father-in-law. She seeks to hold him equally accountable for the abuse she endured in her marriage.

Court documents describe the physical and mental abuse that the husband doled out on the wife, including:

  • Drawing creatures on the wall to scare her
  • Biting
  • Accusations of cheating
  • Destruction of property belonging to her

Furthermore, the wife states that her father-in-law tried to keep her from reporting the abuse to law enforcement. According to the woman, the father-in-law threatened her if she sought help. She says that her father-in-law knew about the abuse and supported the husband's violence towards her in hopes of destroying the marriage. The wife is in the process of divorcing her husband.

No doubt the act of legally accusing her father-in-law of being equally responsible for the end of the marriage is not going to bode well with the husband. If the couple owns significant assets and there is a large sum of money involved, this case is likely to go on for some time. Currently a Supreme Court in New York is hearing the case.

Source: New York Post, "Divorce-wife suit: In-law made my life hell," Katherine Boniello, Dec. 16, 2012