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Family law dispute plaguing Charlotte wrestler Ric Flair and wife

When your family has problems that become legal issues, it can be very challenging. If you are a celebrity, then your family problems are often flaunted on the front page of every newspaper in town. No matter which side of the dispute you are on, you want to be understood. Whether you are going through an adoption, working out a prenuptial agreement, or going through a divorce, family law matters are difficult at best and devastating at worst.

Case in point: The wife of a well-known former professional wrestler who now lives in Charlotte, Ric Flair, has filed a complaint against him. The complaint contains accusations against Flair for failure to comply with an interim separation agreement and of engaging in extramarital affairs. Furthermore, the complaint also claims that Flair hid assets from his wife, spent her income, and imposed cruel treatment upon her.

While it would be tempting for most people to sympathize with the wife, it is important to remember that there are always two sides to the story. While Flair has made no response to the complaint, his attorney has made a statement to the media, alleging domestic violence and marital misconduct by Flair's wife. Previous reports indicate that a domestic dispute occurred between the couple in 2010 and the wife was arrested and charged with assault. However, the case was not pursued as there was insufficient evidence.

It is important to remember that whether you are the accused or the accuser in family law cases involving such issues as domestic assault or spousal support, you deserve to have someone fighting for your rights. Whether it is a high-profile case or not, family issues such as separation and divorce can quickly become very complicated.

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