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Greensboro mayor headed to court over child support issue

Part of the legal separation process for couples in Ballantyne with children is to determine child support payments. These are generally monthly payments designed to pay for children's needs such as clothing, food, shelter and education. When a child support obligation amount is decided upon, it then falls upon the spouse to pay that amount. If a spouse fails to make payments then that spouse may find themselves called back into court.

This appears to be the situation for the mayor of Greensboro. The mayor, a real estate manager and developer, has been ordered to appear in a courtroom for failing to make child support and spousal support payments. In fact, his estranged wife has even asked that he be found in contempt of court.

The mayor claims that he doesn't make enough to cover the amount he owes; it is unclear whether he originally agreed to pay the estimated amount when the order was issued in February. The information appears to be conflicting. A motion states that while the mayor owes, he also paid an estimated amount of $15,000. It is unclear whether this motion was filed by the wife or the mayor, who is asking the court to hold a new trial. The wife claims she has not been paid.

With the two spouses battling in court over the amount of money that should be paid for spousal and child support, this could take a while for everything to be sorted out. If the husband is granted a new trial, he will have the opportunity to show the court why he needs a child support modification order. For people struggling to meet their support payments, it may be beneficial to speak with an attorney.

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