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Prison sentence handed to woman for failing to pay child support

Often, when you hear of someone not paying their child support, it is easy to assume that the guilty parent is the father. However, women are also sometimes ordered to pay child support, given the fact that there are many successful business women in Ballantyne who make more than their domestic partners or spouses. And, just like their male counterparts, sometimes women fail to meet their legal obligations, resulting in a family law dispute.

One mother has been handed a suspended prison sentence for not taking financial care of her children in another state, a felony in that state. The woman appeared to have realized the seriousness of the situation because she complied with a judge's order to pay up $5,000 towards the amount she owes; the total amount owed is unknown.

The woman pled guilty and must make her payments, plus an additional $270, each month for the five years she was sentenced to. If she stops making those payments, then the judge could choose to lift the suspension and put her in a prison cell. The additional amount will go to pay off the rest of her overdue child support balance.

When a dispute over the financial obligations of a child occurs, one way that a parent can hold the other parent is to take advantage of the legal system. Many states have laws in place that can allow the non-custodial parent's wages to be garnished or that enables the state to charge that parent with a criminal act. A parent dealing with these kinds of family law issues may benefit from speaking with an attorney.

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