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Woman threatened with a weapon by the father of her children

Domestic violence is a severe problem in our society. While most people in Ballantyne may assume that only poorer neighborhoods struggle with domestic problems, these kinds of events are found in wealthy families as well. Domestic violence has been said to be really about control and anger, endangering the lives of spouses, domestic partners, and children. No form of this kind of violence should be tolerated, whether it is emotional abuse, intimidation, sexual violence or physical action.

A woman may want to consider obtaining a restraining order after being attacked by the father of her children. The woman told law enforcement officers at a hospital that she had shot the man in his buttocks after he threatened her with the gun and stabbed her in the leg; he broke into her home before the attack.

As a result of the attack, the man was arrested and faces a number of criminal charges, including domestic violence and assault. It is unknown whether he has ever attacked the woman, or anyone else, before. The whereabouts of the children during the incident were not revealed. His bail was set at $71,000.

By seeking a restraining or protective order, the mother will have a legal manner in which to prevent her alleged abuser from approaching her or their children. When violence happens in a home, the safety of the children becomes the priority as an abusive person may turn on them in an effort to control the other person. People who are victims of domestic violence may want to ask an attorney for legal advice on how they can protect their children from also becoming victims.

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