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Court rules that Usher should retain custody of his sons

Child custody battles in Charlotte can lengthy, drawn-out legal affairs that can easily last up until the time that the children are grown. While these proceedings can certainly take their toll on those involved, it's often difficult to fault well-intentioned parents who simply wish to have a larger presence in their children's lives. As circumstances change in the years following a divorce, parents may feel the need to revisit the original custody agreement. Also, events may take place that lead one to parent to question the children's safety while with the other.

R&B star Usher Raymond was recently in the news for just such a case. The singer and his former wife ended their 2-year marriage in 2009. A lengthy child custody dispute ensued over the couple's two boys, which culminated last year with Raymond being awarded primary custody. A recent swimming pool accident suffered by one of the boys at the artist's Atlanta home caused the children's mother to again petition the court for temporary custody. Ultimately, the judge denied her request and ruled that the boys should remain with their father.

Open communication and trust should hopefully exist between divorced parents as they each work to raise their children. If and when that breaks down, it may be necessary to involve the courts to review the custody agreement. When fighting to either win or maintain custody of one's children, it's recommended that one be prepared for the proceedings with every available resource to help ensure an acceptable outcome. An attorney with experience in arguing child custody cases may prove to be just such a resource.

Source: San Jose Mercury News "Judge sides with Usher in child custody battle" Kate Brumback, August 9, 2013