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Greensboro mayor's ex-wife questions his ability to pay alimony

Disputes over an alimony agreement aren't all that uncommon in Charlotte given that tensions between two ex-spouses can remain high even after their divorce is finalized. Those tensions often lead them to remain suspicious of the other's motives and actions. When the party responsible for paying spousal support is unable to meet those obligations, the party receiving the support may even suspect that his or her ex-spouse is deliberately trying to sabotage his or her own financial situation just to avoid having to pay alimony.

Such has been the case in the divorce proceedings for the current mayor of Greensboro. His ex-wife is alleging that his current self-described financial struggles are simply a way of avoiding having to the pay the over $40,000 he owes in missed spousal support and tuition payments for his daughter's school.

Despite his claiming more than $10.8 million in debt during his bankruptcy hearings last year, the mayor's ex-wife cites his continued earnings from real estate sales commissions and his ability to continue to pay country club fees and take expensive golf trips as proof that he is capable of meeting his payment obligations. Her suspicions regarding his financial motives have led her to file a motion of contempt in an attempt to have the court enforce their payment agreement. A decision from the court is still pending.

If one is having difficulty getting an ex-spouse to meet his or her alimony payments, he or she may petition the court to determine the responsible party’s capacity to meet the obligations set forth in their divorce agreement. Anyone needing the court to get involved in this way may want to have a family law attorney to assist with the case.

Source: Greensboro News & Record “Mayor Robbie Perkins testifies he can’t pay support” Robert Lopez, August 19, 2013