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Woman flees to North Carolina to avoid losing her children

Child custody cases in Ballantyne can be difficult to deal with, particularly when the state is questioning the custodial rights of parents. There are many different reasons that can lead a state to consider removing children from their parents’ custody, but whatever the reason, all too often, the result is the same: a messy tug-of-war between two parties that both claim to have the best interests of the children in mind. On one side are parents who will always maintain that children are best left in their care, and on the other, a state agency that believes that the children are in an unsafe situation with the parents. Often times, these cases can lead to unwanted actions and consequences for all parties.

Such is the case involving a recent child custody case gone awry. State Department of Children and Families officials from are coordinating the return of two Florida girls since being found in North Carolina after their mother fled with them from their Florida home. Though it’s not known if it’s happened yet, the woman could potentially face criminal charges after fleeing to avoid having the girls taken from her custody by Florida DCF officials. The reason behind the state’s decision earlier in July to remove the children from the home has not been made known.

Mistakes made by parents when dealing with a state agency regarding their children’s’ custody can often have disastrous results. While these may simply be desperate acts to remain with children that they love dearly, their consequences can hurt the parents’ chances of resolving the custody dispute and having the children returned. Anyone facing such a scenario may want to instead retain a lawyer experienced in family law who can help him or her to resolve these issues through the proper channels.

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