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Woman loses license after fleeing from abusive husband

All marriages in Ballantyne, North Carolina have their ups and downs. It is almost inevitable that when two people from different background get together, they are going to have disagreements and arguments from time to time. However, this is never an excuse for partners in the relationship to become abusive, either physically, verbally, emotionally or sexually. Once that line is crossed, the victim of the domestic violence should seriously consider getting some legal advice and getting out of the relationship before it gets any worse.

A woman who was the victim of domestic violence recently is fighting to have her driver’s license restored. The woman and her husband were staying in a cabin in a rural location when they two of them began to argue. Before long, the argument escalated and became physical. The woman ran to her car and locked herself inside. Her husband chased her to the car and began pounding on the windshield. When the woman saw the glass begin to break, she started the car and drove less than a mile away.

Because the woman had been drinking earlier, her license was suspended. The woman has fought the suspension and taken her case all the way to the state Supreme Court. Her lawyer says that in order to save her life, the woman had no choice but to drive the car to safety.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of domestic violence, it may be beneficial to speak with a family law attorney about your case.

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