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Domestic violence victim attacked for hogging the blanket

Domestic violence continues to be a problem in our society today. While thousands of domestic abuse crimes are reported, there are many more that remain hidden. While many people in Monroe and Charlotte may believe that domestic abuse is a crime that involves anger, several experts in the field say that it is more about that initiates the violent behavior. Oftentimes abusers feel that they are losing control over their victim and resort to violent means in order to retain that power.

A 49-year-old man was the alleged victim of domestic violence recently over nothing more than a blanket. When law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, they found fingernail marks on the man's neck and he was bleeding. The man told them that he and the woman had retired for the night and were attempting to sleep. As many people do, he said he reached over and pulled the blanket closer to himself.

The woman, who officers reported was under the influence of alcohol, apparently snapped over the man's action and attacked. She allegedly jumped on the victim and attempted to choke him. It is unknown how the man was able to escape from the woman, but she was charged with domestic violence for her behavior.

Physical abuse can cause emotional, mental and physical scars on its victims. It is often said that once a person has engaged in a domestic abuse act, that person can be prone to repeat the behavior. Ideally the woman will receive the help she needs to prevent this kind of behavior from occurring again.

Source: The Charlotte Observer, "Man hogs blanket; S.C. woman attacks," Tonya Root, Jan. 24, 2013