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Divorce settlement between former mayor and ex-wife amended

Going through a divorce is rarely an easy matter in Ballantyne. The tensions and emotions involved can run high, and can easily bubble over and lead to a long, drawn out process that can take a huge toll on all of those involved. Once it's over, most people just hope to move on with their lives. However, if information surfaces after the proceedings have ended that may have affected the divorce settlement, or if the circumstances of one or both sides change drastically enough as to warrant it, then the couple may be able to return to court to amend the original settlement.

Such was the case recently involving a former mayor in Tennessee, whose ex-wife asked the court to amend the terms of their 2011 divorce settlement. The new agreement is reported to include changes in the custody situation for their children and with the father's child support obligation, as well financial considerations involving their former home and personal property. Both sides are reported to have come to the agreement on their own, which took only a few minutes to be finalized by the court in a recent hearing.

Despite the fact that a couple is no longer pursuing a life together, former spouses do continue to be connected through their divorce agreement. Thus, it can be in both parties' best interests to continue to work together to ensure that the agreement remains realistic as their circumstances change. Anyone facing this scenario may want to retain the services of an experienced divorce attorney to help in this process.

Source: The Commercial Appeal, " Former Southaven mayor Greg Davis and ex-wife reach amended divorce settlement " Yolanda Jones, July 16, 2013