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NASCAR chairman sues ex-wife over broken terms of divorce

Because a divorce is a legal agreement between two people in North Carolina, when one person violates the terms of that agreement, the other may be able to sue him or her for damages brought on by the broken terms. This is the case for the chairman of NASCAR, Brian France, who divorced his wife in 2007.

The two were married in 2005, one year after France worked as the chairman and CEO of NASCAR making $9.05 million that year. At the time they were married, he had assets of $554 million. When the couple divorced, France’s wife was awarded a home in Charlotte worth $3.2 million and a vacant lot worth $2 million.

France sued his former wife in 2008 because he felt she had violated the terms of their divorce. These included terms regarding nannies, visitation rights and the confidentiality clause included in the divorce. France argued that because his ex-wife had broken the terms of the divorce that he was justified in holding back $6 million in payments to her.

The two were able to resolve the dispute and all lawsuits that were pending were dropped this past September. The terms of the resolution are confidential, but France’s attorney reported that it was done while keeping the best interests of the children in mind.

If your former spouse has broken the terms of your divorce agreement, you may wish to speak with an attorney to seek advice about your right to legal recourse and the best way to proceed with your case.

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