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Hockey team owner seeks limited publication ban in divorce trial

When a couple goes through a divorce in North Carolina, they often worry about the effects it will have on their children. For a majority of people, whether or not their children will be exposed to media coverage about the divorce is usually a non-issue. However, for public officials, celebrities or others in the public eye, this can be a real concern.

This is the case for the owner of the National Hockey League’s Vancouver Canucks who is currently going through a divorce. He released a statement that in order to protect his five children from the media coverage of his divorce, he applied to have a limited publication ban. The publication ban would also supposedly serve to protect his business interests.

The man’s wife is not exactly on the same page and has expressed worry about the man’s need for secrecy in the trial. Her lawyer argues that the man is already a public figure and since there has already been publicity regarding the case, the sealing order is not necessary. The man’s wife says that her husband admitted to her that he would go to bars and nightclubs and that he was involved with other women during the course of their marriage. She argues that these actions showed that he wasn’t concerned about the impact his actions had on his children at that time, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to him now.

If you are headed for a divorce, even though it may not be quite as public as this one, it may be beneficial to speak with a divorce attorney about your case to ensure that your interests are protected.

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