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Mother sued for $130 million after giving baby up for adoption

The birth of a child can be one of the happiest moments in the lives of parents living in North Carolina. A new baby can bring with him or her the promise of a new future and allow parents to feel a love like no other.

One father was robbed of this experience after his new baby was born and given up for adoption without his knowledge. The man and the baby’s mother began dating in 2009, but decided to break off the relationship before the baby was born in December 2010. The father says the two came to a mutual decision to share child custody of the baby after he was born, and even decided on a name for him.

It seems that the mother had not been honest with her ex-boyfriend from the beginning. She admitted that she had always planned on putting the baby up for adoption. The baby was given to his adoptive parents one day after he was born. His biological father did not find out about his birth or adoption until one week later.

The father immediately filed a paternity claim after he found out about the adoption, but because the mother was still legally married to her estranged husband, he was presumed to be the father in the state where they live and could legally sign away custody of the child.

The biological father has filed a federal lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend and is suing her for $130 million. He feels like the woman basically kidnapped his son and is fighting to get custody of the child.

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