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Halle Berry ordered to pay child support to father of daughter

When the issue of child support comes up in Ballantyne, North Carolina, it is traditionally thought of as something that a father pays to a mother. However, with more and more fathers obtaining custody of their children, this is starting to change. It is now not uncommon for mothers to be responsible for paying child support to fathers.

This is the case for actress Halle Berry who split up from model Gabriel Aubry, the father of her 6-year-old daughter, in 2010. The two met in 2005 and have been trying to reach an agreement concerning their daughter since 2012. Berry had wanted to take her daughter to France to live with her and her new husband. Aubry did not want to see that happen and a bitter custody battle ensued. Berry’s new husband and Aubry got in a physical fight which led to both of them getting restraining orders. When Aubry showed in court that he was injured in the fight, the judge dismissed Berry’s request to move her daughter out of the country.

Berry was recently ordered to pay $16,000 a month in child support to Aubry along with $115,000 in back child support and Aubry’s $300,000 attorney’s fees. She will also be responsible for all of her daughter’s education costs and half of her medical expenses.

If you are a father who is seeking child support, you would be well advised to consult with an attorney experienced in family law. A lawyer can review your case and ensure that your interests are represented in court.

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