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Divorce rate rises as economy improves

A big concern for couples in North Carolina considering divorce is whether or not they will be okay financially on their own. This seems to especially be an issue when the economy is suffering. Women tend to take a particularly hard hit financially as their household income typically drops. This can leave many in a state of poverty and relying on government assistance to make ends meet.

This is the case for a 41-year-old mother of two who is recently divorced. The woman says she had a drastic change of lifestyle after her divorce. While she was married, she was considered to be in the upper-middle-class. Now she relies on food stamps and free lunches in order to feed her 13-year-old and 9-year-old. She is currently studying to be a paralegal while working part-time as a bookkeeper making around $6,000 a year.

Another woman who was in an unhappy marriage decided to put off divorce until the economy improved. She and her husband ran an engineering firm. Because of the hard economic times, the couple was unable to afford a divorce. Now that the economy is improving, the two have filed for divorce after 35 years of marriage. The husband will retain ownership of the business while the woman searches for a new job.

Although these two women are facing economic struggles, they say that they are happy to escape from unhappy marriages. If you are considering a divorce and are unsure how it will all work out financially, you may wish to consult with a divorce attorney.

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