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Carteret County woman shot and killed by estranged husband

The decision of domestic violence victims in Charlotte to remain with their abusers is one that many often fail to comprehend. One might think that even a single act of violence would be sufficient to convince one to leave his or her abusive spouse. In some cases, an abused spouse may feel conflicted emotions towards their abusers, remembering the strong feelings that he or she feels for the other yet at the same abhorring the violence that he or she has endured. Other times, a spousal abuse victim may simply fear that if he or she tried to end the marriage, his or her spouse would continue to threaten him or her with more violence or even worse.

Such worse was realized recently when a Carteret County woman was killed by her estranged husband in Davis. Shortly after shooting and killing her and another man, her husband turned himself over to law enforcement authorities and is currently being held without bail awaiting the commencement of his criminal trial. While the husband did have a prior criminal record that included charges for assault and battery, it wasn't specified whether or not any incidents of domestic violence had transpired between the couple in the past.

Far too many violent relationships end up this way because an abuse victim doesn't leave an abusive spouse in time or he or she isn't aware of the protections available to help him or her after leaving the marriage. Yet those resources are out there, and can provide legal protection both during and immediately after divorce proceedings. Those needing such protection may be able to find it through the assistance of their divorce attorneys.

Source: WNCT "Neighbors, community shocked by Davis double homicide " Sept. 24, 2014