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Hedge fund manager's wife wants prenuptial agreement voided

Few in Charlotte enter into a marriage thinking that it will ever end. Yet this sense of optimism can often fade over time as evidenced by current divorce rates. Many of those entering into divorce proceedings are surprised to learn just how much they stand to lose to their spouses. Thus, despite the opinion that some share that such a move may be in poor taste or unromantic, couples are encouraged to enter into their marriages with a prenuptial agreement. Yet even the presence of a prenuptial agreement doesn't stop some from trying to pull their spouses into a dispute over asset division.

Such is the case involving a Chicago-based hedge fund manager and his soon-to-be ex-wife. Despite the pair having signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding in 2003, the wife is now challenging the legitimacy of that agreement, saying that she signed it under duress. She claims that her husband didn't present the agreement to her to be signed nor did he disclose his full financial details until just days before their scheduled wedding date. When the two argued over the decision, he suggested they see a psychologist whom he was currently seeing. During that encounter, she alleges that the psychologist also encouraged her to sign the agreement.

While some may view such an argument as merely the rash actions of a disillusioned spouse, the wife in this case, as well as others who may feel as though the circumstances surrounding their prenuptial agreements were questionable, have the right the dispute the legitimacy of such arrangements. Given the potential financial implications of such a dispute, both sides in a divorce should take such matters very seriously. Each best interest during these disputes may be best served by working with an experienced divorce attorney.

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