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A brief introduction to cohabitation agreements

Marriage extends a number of legal obligations and rights to couples across Charlotte, North Carolina, and the entire country. Many other couples, however, are not entitled to any legal protections in the event of death or separation for the simple fact that they are not married under the law. In these cases, heterosexual and same-sex…

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The two types of protective orders in North Carolina

Unless or until they have experienced domestic abuse personally, many people do not understand that it only takes an instant for an altercation to become violent. Domestic violence protective orders are issued in many cases involving domestic assault as a way to prevent alleged abusers and victims from coming in contact with one another for…

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How can you keep your ex from fleeing with your kids?

Many of the divorce proceedings that take place in Charlotte get very emotional, particularly when there are children involved. For those parents who fear the possibility of losing custody of their kids, the temptation to flee with them may be strong. At the same, the parent being awarded custody may have concerns about his or…

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