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Child Support Options When the Other Parent Works Under the Table

Divorcing ParentsThe topic of child support may be a contentious or difficult point for many divorced parents in Charlotte. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for non-custodial parents to attempt to avoid paying their child support obligations. At Epperson Law PLLC, our divorce and family law team understands how frustrating it is if you aren’t getting child support from your ex. The best interests of children are a top priority for us, and we are prepared to help you receive the support you need from the other parent.

There are many ways a person may try to evade making their monthly payments, states the Administration for Children & Families. These might include moving frequently, quitting a job or accepting money under the table. If your ex is working but receiving cash from his or her employer instead of a paycheck, it can be difficult to collect the child support you’re due. After all, wage garnishments can’t be taken if you have no proof your ex is receiving an income.

Fortunately, there are several child support enforcement options available to you if your ex is working under the table. You have the right to take the matter to court and explain to the judge why you believe your ex is receiving an income but not reporting it. The judge may order your ex to provide proof of income or – if your ex claims to be unemployed – to get a job. Additional resources may include placing a lien against your ex’s property or enacting court-enforced penalties, such as revoking your ex’s driver’s license or reporting overdue child support on his or her credit report.

When it comes to ensuring your children receive the support they deserve, you are not without legal options.

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