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Committing too early can contribute to divorce

Most Charlotte, North Carolina, residents would agree that a lot has changed over the years when it comes to relationships and marriage. More and more people are choosing to marry later in life, while many others prefer living in a committed relationship outside of marriage altogether. As societal trends and norms about marriage continue to evolve, so do divorce statistics. Now there is more evidence to suggest that what couples do prior to getting married can have an impact on the longevity of their relationship.

These days, it is fairly standard practice to live together before getting married. In fact, it is estimated that two thirds of couples cohabitate prior to taking their vows; cohabitation statistics have almost doubled in the past quarter of a century. That is why some are raising concerns over the effects that pre-marriage cohabitation can have on divorce rates across the country.

Discussing some of the factors that play a role in contemporary relationships and divorces, some experts argue that maintaining a healthy marriage is more difficult than it used to be. Real life experience and maturity are recognized as vital traits in successful marriages, and it is explained that many young couples are not yet equipped with the skills necessary to make a long-term relationship work. Consequently, rushing in to living together at a young age is recognized as a contributing factor in many failed marriages.

A recently released video advises young couples against making long-term decisions together before getting married, in an effort to ensure that people do not commit themselves to relationships and financial obligations hastily. Therefore, the video discourages young people from taking major steps like moving in or making large investments together before they tie the knot.

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