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After 18 years, Guy Pearce calls time on his marriage

Guy Pearce has an extensive acting record and he has been in many films that people in North Carolina will instantly recognize. He has had a tremendous career, but it appears his personal life hasn't quite been as tremendous.

Pearce and his wife of 18 years are filing for divorce. The couple actually met back in 1980, but they didn't get married until 1997. By all accounts, they seem to be handling the divorce quite well, as Pearce has shown an outpouring of love and respect for his soon-to-be-ex. It's great to see that Pearce and his ex-wife seem to be on good terms after a divorce. Not every split has to be contentious, and not every splitting spouse needs to be angry at their ex.

That's one of the first lessons to take away from this story. Many people go through a traditional divorce, and some of these divorces can result in angry people being unable to work together going forward. That can be especially problematic if the couple has children. But if the couple decides to go through mediation or arbitration, the divorce process can be a bit simpler and less stressful.

The other lesson here is that no matter how you go through your divorce, having a positive attitude about things can be incredibly beneficial for everyone involved. Even when you and your husband or wife disagree about something in your divorce, if you get angry and uncooperative, it is unlikely to help you in the divorce.

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