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How can you balance parenting time during the school year?

If you’re a single parent in Charlotte, you may already know that sharing custody with your ex-spouse can be a challenging task in the best situations. At worst, the negative emotions you may still feel toward your ex might add to the complications of having joint custody.

After you and your children have adjusted to parenting time in the summer, a new change in routine might present difficulties once school starts again. How do you juggle your visitation days with your work schedule and your children’s school requirements? has provided a few tips for sharing custody with your ex-spouse. These ideas may work any time of the year, as well as while school is in session.

  • Have an open mind to compromise with your ex on an ideal parenting arrangement that takes both of your work schedules into consideration, in addition to your children’s extracurricular activities and social lives.
  • Periodically review your current parenting agreement and make adjustments as necessary to account for your children’s ages and school demands.
  • Remember to consider your children’s feelings and encourage them to share their opinions about spending time with their parents.

As children get older, they tend to become increasingly independent and to have more activities outside the home. It may help your relationship with your children and your ex to cooperate with each other on a parenting schedule that accommodates the children’s needs during the school year, as well as continuing to allow you both to spend quality time with your children.