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How do I make changes to a child support or visitation agreement?

Weddington area parents who have gone through a divorce will have their child support, custody and visitation arrangements clearly laid out in their finalized divorce papers. However, this does not mean that these arrangements are set in stone. Parents who can demonstrate a legitimate need to change their visitation, custody or child support agreements as a result of changing life circumstances can petition the court to grant such a change.

Here are some common reasons for changing child visitation, custody or support agreements:

-- One spouse moves far away from the other.

-- The child support-paying spouse's income has changed.

-- The children are not being appropriately supervised while staying with one or the other parents. This could be the result of a spouse with substance abuse problem or a spouse who has to spend more time working -- and, as a result, the children are by themselves, alone, for long periods of time.

-- The child is ill and the custodial parent needs more money to pay for his or her care.

-- One or the other spouse has a serious mental or physical illness, has a serious substance addiction, is charged with committing a violent crime or is accused of child abuse or child molestation.

-- A teenage son or daughter is in a constant state of conflict with one of the parents.

-- It is suspected that one of the spouses is physically or sexually abusing the child.

There are many more reasons why a court might grant a change to child custody, visitation and child support arrangements, and an experienced family law attorney will be able to identify the most suitable reasons for requesting such a change in a given case. Ultimately, family law courts will grant such a request so long as it is in the best interest of the child or children involved.

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