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Divorce figures in the United States at a 40-year low

Divorce rates across the United States are always a topic of great interest. Indeed, no one wants their marriage to end, and people who have gone through a divorce often wonder if their situation is "normal."

The fact is, countless divorces happen in North Carolina every single month, and the dissolution of marriage is certainly common. If you are going through a divorce right now, rest assured that you are not alone.

That said, there could be some good news for the security of a future marriage, should you ever decide to get married again. According to Bowling Green University's National Center for Marriage & Family Research, national divorce statistics are currently at a 40-year low. In fact, divorce rates haven't been this low since the 1970s.

Social scientists have been trying to determine why divorce rates are declining. Many say that the reason is because the baby boomer generation, many of whom were getting married in the 70s and soon getting divorced in the 80s (when divorce rates spiked to their highest) got married younger than the current millennial generation. As such, they may not have been as wise in their choices of partners and that led to subsequent divorces.

Conversely, younger generations like the millennial generation, are waiting longer before they decide to get married and there is a rise in cohabitation instead of getting married. Analysts say that cohabitation means that there are less "starter marriages," where a couple gets married without ever having seen what it's like to live together.

As such, there are many couples who live together in their 20s without getting married, and later break up without ever going through a divorce. In this sense, some experts say that lower divorce rates are not as much a reflection of more successful marriages, but more a reflection of couples being smarter about marriage, and perhaps avoiding it (and divorce) altogether.

No matter how good the numbers get, as long as there is marriage in North Carolina, there will also be divorce. If you are currently considering ending your marriage, you may want to talk to a family law attorney about what divorce will mean for you and your family and how it might affect your personal finances and parental rights. It is always preferable to go into divorce well-prepared and knowing exactly what to expect.

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