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Should I Pay My Child Support in Cash?

NC law states that "Payment for the support of a minor child shall be paid by lump sum payment, periodic payments, or by transfer of title or possession of personal property of any interest therein, or a security interest in or possession of real property, as the court may order".

Our state uses "Child Support Guidelines" to determine child support amounts (money). A court is required to use the Guidelines to determine the amount of payments unless the court finds a need to deviate from them. In other words, unless a court says you pay child support in a non-money form, you should pay money.

So if you're paying child support with money, should you pay it in cash?

You can pay child support with cash, but you never should, unless you get a receipt for each payment. The problem is one of proof. How will you prove you paid? What if the other parent later claims you never paid child support? Can you disprove that claim?

If you pay child support in cash, you could face the nightmare of a court believing you never paid, and awarding back child support against you. In other words, pay your child support in cash, and you might have to pay it twice.

The best way to pay your child support is with a check (backed by sufficient funds) on which you write "For Child Support". Keep a copy of every check for child support, and make sure you mail it early enough that it will get there on time. You won't regret it.