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Lisa Marie Presley brings her marriage to a close

When it comes to Hollywood -- and sometimes ourselves, family and friends -- it seems like every great romance comes to an end. This is what is happening for Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of one of the most famous musicians in history, Elvis Presley. Lisa Marie filed for divorce last month in a decision to bring her 10-year marriage to musician and music producer Michael Lockwood to a close.

Lisa Marie, a musician in her own right, has been married four times, and this marks her fourth divorce. She first married Michael Keough, then she famously married Michael Jackson, and later she paired with actor Nicolas Cage. In her marriage to Michael Lockwood, the 48-year-old mother gave birth to two twin girls, named Finley and Harper, bringing her children to a total of four.

According to news reports, Lisa Marie has a postnuptial agreement in place with Michael Lockwood, and she's not concerned about receiving any kind of child support or spousal support from the musician. Furthermore, reports indicate that she has asked the court to grant her full custody of she and Lockwood's children, and she has requested that Lockwood only be provided with supervised visitation rights.

In the state of North Carolina, courts usually wish to grant shared custody to both parents, and these days the trend is toward having the children divide their time by living half-and-half with each parent. However, in some cases, full custody may be granted to one or the other spouse if courts see that it is in the best interest of the child. As for granting only supervised visitation rights to a spouse, this would usually only be allowed if it is shown that of the spouses poses a clear threat or danger to the children. Ultimately, these kinds of custody issues may need to be addressed by the courts if the parent who stands to lose his or her child custody rights is not in agreement with them.

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