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3 tips for negotiating your divorce settlement

One way of combating the stresses and costs of divorce proceedings is to try and negotiate one's divorce settlement out of court. An out of court settlement has numerous advantages, particularly the fact that it will usually save spouses a lot of money. It can also help keep the divorce process as speedy and amicable as possible. Here are a few tips to employ to promote successful divorce negotiations:

-- View the process as a business transaction: Divorce is emotional and difficult, but these emotions need to be checked at the door when spouses approach the divorce settlement negotiation table. Seeing the process as a business transaction, and contracting the counsel of a seasoned divorce attorney can do wonders to help spouses keep the process in perspective for the best chances reaching a settlement.

-- Consider ways to compromise and reach accord: Divorce -- just like marriage -- is all about compromise. And, whether one likes it or not, compromise will happen in a divorce, either forced by the decision of a judge or agreed to out of court by the spouses. Always, it's preferable for spouses to stay in control and reach accord on their own rather than leave such matters up to a court to decide.

-- Don't be afraid to take a break and ask questions: Settlement negotiations can quickly become overwhelming because there is a lot to consider, but taking regular breaks from the negotiating room to reflect can help spouses come to agreement and accord. Also, asking plenty of questions will also help to ensure that everything is fully understood and there are no miscommunications during the negotiations.

North Carolina divorces can be time-consuming affairs that take a long time -- and in rare cases even years -- to resolve. However, by settling these matters out of court, couples can save both time and money. More importantly, they can prevent the stresses of trial proceedings. An out of court divorce settlement is clearly the way to go in most divorces, and having a qualified family law attorney at one's side can help to navigate the process successfully.

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