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Should I mediate my child custody case?

When it comes to a child custody disagreement, North Carolina parents will face the difficult task of determining their future relationship with their children and what their role as a parent will look like. Even when parents are able to come to mutual agreement easily, arriving at the final child custody decision can be difficult because parents will try to balance their own needs and wishes with the best interests of their children.

Traditionally, parents needed to go to court in order to resolve disagreements by allowing a family court judge to decide what was best. These days, however, parents are choosing the more peaceful approach of mediation to resolve their disputes. Mediation utilizes a third-party mediator to shepherd parents into agreement by helping them see the issue from different angles, while also keeping North Carolina law — and how a North Carolina judge might view the situation — in mind.

Essentially, the mediator's role in the process is to invoke peaceful discussion and dialogue between the two parties so that they can arrive at a middle ground settlement. When mediation is successful, parents will also be able to bypass the often contentious and stressful process of subjecting themselves and their families to the unpredictable opinions of a family law court.

Divorce is not an easy process, and child custody disputes are usually the very worst part of that process. However, mediation can quickly and peacefully bring parents to a child custody agreement, so North Carolina spouses may want to consider this highly effective method of conflict resolution in their divorce cases.