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3 points mothers must know about child custody and support

Protecting your children is one of the reasons why people know you as a mama bear. This drive to protect your children is a big part of why you will think so hard about every decision that you face while you are going through a child custody and support issues during a divorce. Knowing some basic points about child custody and support can help you to feel more comfortable as you go through the process.

Mediation is possible

Your mama bear instinct might go haywire at the thought of having someone else make decisions about what is going to happen to your child. You do have an alternative to consider if you don't want to have to go through a trial so a judge can determine your child's future.

You and your ex-husband can work through the issues at hand using child custody mediation to come up with a parenting agreement. This lets you and your ex think about the matters that are important for your child. This could mean ensuring that your children are all able to keep up with extracurricular activities, education goals and other things that are important to them. Be sure that you are realistic about how the agreement will work so that you can properly address any problems that are likely to come up.

Circumstances matter

The circumstances of the divorce can have an impact on child custody and support. For example, if your ex-husband is known to have been abusive, he might not be able to get physical custody of the children based on the history of domestic abuse. It is important to think about any points that might have an impact on the child custody and support agreement that is set for your children. For example, if your ex-husband has a job that takes him away a lot, he might need to have virtual visitation to spend time with the children while he is away. Addressing this all now can help to prevent trouble in the future.

Modifications are sometimes possible

Even though child custody and support orders are official arrangements, they aren't set in stone. If you or your ex-husband have significant changes to your situation, a modification of the orders might be possible. This could occur if your ex-husband gets a raise and would need to pay more in child support or if your child needs the custody schedule changed because of a new school or activities schedule. There are specific instances that qualify for modifications, so be sure you find out if your situation qualifies by speaking to an experienced attorney.