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North Carolina spousal support disagreements

When it comes to spousal support, or alimony, the paying spouse almost always wants to pay as little as possible and the receiving spouse almost always wants to receive as much as possible. To make matters worse, North Carolina law does not provide clear guidelines about how much the "moneyed" spouse should have to pay and for how long the alimony payments should last. Decisions like this will be up to a family law judge to decide.

A request for alimony tends to incite conflict. Indeed, the very idea of alimony tends to encourage disagreement within the divorce process. Nevertheless, the wisest spouses -- no matter how much animosity they hold for one another -- will continue to see the advantage of resolving their difficulties out of court when possible. An out of court settlement will save spouses a considerable amount of money, time and stress, so it can be very beneficial in multiple ways to settle alimony disagreements out of court.

At Epperson Law, PLLC, we work with our clients to resolve their alimony negotiations in the fairest way possible, while protecting their best interests. Issues that will be considered during this process include:

-- How much both spouses earn

-- The amount of personal assets both spouses have

-- The less-moneyed spouse's ability to become financially independent

-- The quality of life enjoyed during marriage by the spouses

-- Past decisions made by North Carolina family courts

If you feel you are being asked for too much spousal support, or you are not going to receive enough spousal support, it could be time to discuss your case with a North Carolina family law attorney. An attorney can evaluate your situation and educate you on your legal rights and options.