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Could my future spouse and I benefit from a prenup?

To the question of whether you and your spouse could benefit from a prenuptial agreement, the answer is most definitely, "yes." It doesn't matter if either you or your spouse have any wealth, personal assets or income to protect. A prenuptial agreement creates an action plan if divorce becomes necessary. This action plan is an agreement about how you will carry out your divorce and the terms that will be applied to issues relating to asset division, alimony and more.

Here are some of the clearest benefits of having a prenuptial agreement on file:

-- It allows you to codify you and your spouse's separate property before marriage, so there is no disagreement in the event of a divorce.

-- It allows you to document any special property arrangements made between yourself and your spouse.

-- It eliminates the need for long, drawn out court proceedings, which can be costly and stressful.

-- It will reduce the chance of conflict and disagreement in the event of divorce.

-- It will establish rules and guidelines about the handling of debts and how the spouses will share debt liability.

These and other benefits of prenuptial agreements are clear, and they will apply to all spouses -- young, old, rich and poor. In fact, many family law attorneys and divorce lawyers in North Carolina who have see how hard and difficult divorce can be on a very human level would agree: Everyone should get a prenuptial agreement if only to protect themselves and their spouses from the worst of the pain, emotional turmoil and difficulty of divorce.

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