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The 10 vital elements of a parenting plan

When the typical North Carolina parent is trying to negotiate his or her parenting plan with the other parent in a divorce, it's important to cover all the bases. But how are you supposed to know if you've crossed all your t's and dotted all your i's?

To ensure that your parenting plan covers everything, it's a good idea to speak with a North Carolina family law attorney. Your plan should also cover the following:

-- The non-custodial parent's visitation schedule, including special holidays and vacation times.

-- Where the children will live, for what days and until what times on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

-- Child transportation procedures to school, special activities and two and from the other parent.

-- How children will be transferred from one parent to the other.

-- How you and the other parent will share child care responsibilities.

-- Extended family visitation time.

-- Restrictions and rules that apply to partners the other parent is dating.

-- What will take place if the other parent decides to or needs to move to another location.

-- How to negotiate parenting plan changes as the circumstances of the parents and the children change over time.

-- How disagreements over parenting and parenting plan issues will be resolved.

There are virtually an unlimited number of ways that a North Carolina parent can negotiate his or her parenting plan. It all depends on the unique circumstances of you, your ex and your child. A family law attorney will be familiar with the different aspects to consider in order to make the most appropriate parenting plan to suit your needs.

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