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Divorce: 2 misconceptions to avoid

When you're preparing for divorce, it's always best to stay positive and focused on the future. Breaking down a marriage is never easy on an emotional level -- and it's certainly not easy on a financial or legal level either. There are also some misconceptions, and wrong ways of thinking, that many divorcing spouses fall into in North Carolina. The purpose of this article is to help you avoid two of those misconceptions, which we see in our clients often at Epperson Law.

First, you need to remember that your divorce is not going to be the same as your sister's, your brother's or your best friend's. As such, you probably shouldn't follow all of the advice that these people will be giving you. Indeed, once someone has been through divorce, they often see themselves as experts. While it's possible that their advice is appropriate, it's just as possible that their advice can get you into trouble.

Second, getting a divorce is not a sign that you're a failure. Sure, the media has been reporting that divorce rates are currently lower than they have been in years, but that does not mean that your divorce is a sign of a failure. In fact, having the courage go through your divorce process in a calm and peaceful way is the best way to turn your divorce process into a success. Even if your soon-to-be ex is being difficult and contentious, if you can comport yourself with dignity through this process, you are taking the high road, and you should pat yourself on the back.

These are just two divorce misconceptions that we commonly see at Epperson Law, but there are many more. It's our job to steer our clients on the proper path in their divorce proceedings so that (1) they can resolve their divorce quickly and peacefully with a minimum of stress; (2) they can resolve their divorce as cost effectively as possible; and (3) they can protect their legal rights with regard to asset division, child custody and other issues. In order to achieve these goals, one of our most important roles is to fully educate our clients about the reality of divorce, and to dispel any misconceptions they may have.