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How a single North Carolina mother of 6 makes ends meet

Single parents do not have it easy. They have to spend the majority of their free time taking care of their children, and the other parent may or may not be present to help ease that burden. One single mother in Burlington, North Carolina, has a challenge that exceeds what most human beings might be able to endure. She has six children, and her ex-husband only has limited visitation rights.

How does she do it? How does she pay the bills and find the time to take care of her kids on top of that? This resilient mother happens to be a harpist. While many musicians struggle to make financial ends meet, she is one of the rare few who -- through a mix of hustle and talent -- has managed to make enough money off her harp playing for choirs, local orchestras and events in order to finance her family's needs. In addition, though, she also gets a great deal of help from her parents, who she and her children live with.

Each single parent faces unique challenges and they all must find a way to navigate those challenges. In the case of this North Carolina mother of six, she uses every resource available to her. In addition to assistance from her parents, she also makes use of babysitters so her parents do not spend too much time helping her.

If you are a single parent, you may have some legal concerns you're dealing with, like whether you're receiving enough child support money from your ex, and even issues surrounding potential child custody battles. If you're facing any kind of legal challenges relating to being a single parent, a North Carolina family law attorney can help.

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