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National statistics pertaining to child support

If you're paying or receiving child support, it may be interesting to know what the current national statistics say about this topic. Indeed, considering that everyone pays a different amount in child support, and both custodial mothers and custodial fathers may be eligible to receive it, you might want to know how your particular case measures up.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 13.4 million parents are currently raising 22.1 million children in homes where the other parent did not live with them. Only about 17.5 percent of these parents were fathers raising their children on their own. The rest were mothers. Meanwhile, approximately 26.6 percent of children live with single parents.

Only about half of single custodial parents have an informal or legal child support agreement on file. Fifty-two percent of custodial mothers had a child support agreement and 31.4 percent of custodial fathers had a child support agreement.

In 2013, among the custodial parents who had child support agreements, 74.1 percent of them actually received partial or full payments, and 45.6 percent got full payments. A total of $32.9 billion was paid in child support in 2013. On average, child support payments amounted to about $3,950 annually for the parents who received it.

What is your child support situation like? Are you receiving all of the child support you're owed? If you're having trouble getting paid child support, or you have any questions regarding child support, a North Carolina family law attorney can help you evaluate your situation to determine your legal rights.

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