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Divorce & Siblings: What to Expect

Divorce is never a simple process, and it’s only harder for those in larger families. For this reason, Epperson Law Group has gathered some tips and stats to help you understand what your kids are going to go through during the divorce process.

Siblings & Divorce


The first thing to realize is that divorce impacts every child differently. Some children want to know everything about the divorce and will ask questions about why it’s happening, what will happen after it’s over, and how it’s affecting mom and dad. Other children want nothing to do with the divorce and will silently process everything without letting on that it’s affecting them.

Therefore, the first thing to realize is that every child reacts differently to divorce.

Taking Sides

As divorce is a process that separates people from one another, some siblings will take sides during and after the divorce. Unfortunately, this can lead siblings to have in-fighting about which parent “caused” the divorce or why the divorce occurred. If your kids start to take sides during or after a divorce, it’s important to remind them that both parents love them equally and that the divorce was best for everyone.


Parents should be aware that courts may split siblings up between the two parents, and the kids will switch off going from one parent to the other. While this is nice for the parents, it can be hard on the kids, especially if they’re close.

Therefore, if courts do split up the siblings between two houses, the parents should be willing to schedule time for the kids to be together.

Representation that Cares

Our firm hopes this blog post helps you prepare for a divorce with multiple children. If you’re still looking for representation that cares for your divorce process, look no further than Epperson Law Group.

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