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Unique factors that can influence divorce settlements

When Charlotte couples choose to divorce, they open themselves up to a number of different issues that need to be dealt with before the dissolution of their marriages. These include the more common legal proceedings associated with divorce, namely child custody hearings, establishing alimony agreements, and determining the distribution of the marital assets. Yet while every divorcing couple may face the same proceedings, no two divorces are alike. The unique desires and emotions that each couple brings into a divorce will often influence them to place more effort into resolving certain aspects of their marriages while overlooking or even avoiding others.

The recent divorce of actress Nikki Reed and musician Paul McDonald serves to illustrate this point. It’s been reported that as part of their recently announced divorce settlement, both sides waived their rights to claim alimony from the other. While their intentions for forgoing the chance to collect spousal support are known only to them, their already-successful careers may lead some to speculate that neither is struggling financially.

On the other hand, Reed did end up walking away from the marriage with three of the homes that the couple owned together, as well as three cars, various personal belongings, and even their German Shepherd. McDonald, for his part, was awarded the couple’s home in Tennessee. While it’s unknown why he seemed to have received significantly less in the settlement, the house he was awarded was the same place where the pair created their joint music album. One may assume that fact holds some sentimental significance for him.

Whatever unique assets or possessions one hopes to take away from a divorce, winning ownership of them during a settlement can be challenging. One’s chances of gaining a successful outcome may increase dramatically with the help of an experienced divorce attorney.

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