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Don’t Just Stay Together for the Kids

Even with constant fighting and sleepless nights, married couples often avoid “the D-word.”. After all, the idea behind marriage is till death do you part, a final commitment to another person to stay with them through the good and bad, so it is common for people to feel like a divorce is a failure of…

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Can a Child Refuse Visitation with a Parent?

During a separation or divorce when children are involved, parents determine a custody agreement. Sometimes they figure out that arrangement together, and sometimes the court develops that arrangement for them. Either way, that custody agreement is always made in the best interests of the child. We know that parents who do not cooperate with child…

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Why Should I Give Divorce Mediation a Chance?

Getting a divorce is a stressful time in anyone’s life, even when you’re on good terms with the person from which you’re separating. There’s the hassle of dividing assets, of finding a new home, dealing with child custody, not to mention the legal fees of going to court. However, there is an alternate way of…

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Why Is it Important to Get a Premarital Agreement?

When we’re getting married, especially when we’re deeply in love, we might not think that a premarital agreement is necessary. We cannot imagine we might one day not be in love with this person we’re marrying – that we might wish to separate or divorce them. Unfortunately, that’s the truth of the matter for many…

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My Child Needs More Financial Support. What Can I Do?

You may be a divorcee that shares custody of your children with your spouse. Even though the divorce has been difficult at times, you and your ex-spouse have done a great job putting the children’s needs first, and both of you have borne the financial burdens with equanimity and equality. However, with the current pandemic,…

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