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Failure to pay child support earns man a second prison sentence

The courts take cases involving missed child support payments very seriously. Anyone doubting that need only ask a parent in Monroe who has had to answer for such a violation. If and when the court has to intervene to enforce a child support agreement, heavy penalties may be handed out to the parent that has violated it. Those penalties can range from wage garnishments or liens placed on property, to the parent being fined or, in some severe cases, even jailed. Anyone thinking of missing any of his or her child support payments should quickly reconsider.

A Mississippi man’s case should serve as a harsh example of what awaits those who neglect paying their child support. After having originally been sentenced to prison and ordered to repay the over $68,000 that he owed in child support in 2008, the man still failed to meet those payment obligations and had charges filed against him again a year later. Rather than facing the charges again, the man chose to evade authorities. He was found and arrested this past July and once again brought before the court. He now faces a four-year prison sentence and has again been ordered to meet those delinquent child support payments.

If a parent is having issues meeting his or her child support payments, there are avenues available to him or her to try and work with the custodial parent and the court to help avoid heavy penalties. A parent facing such a situation may want to speak with an attorney who’s experienced in handling child support cases to find out what his or her options are.

Source: “Man sentenced to for failing to pay child support” August 06, 2013