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Divorce the next step for allegedly battered wife of athlete

Ask any happily married couple and they will say that marriage is hard work. It requires commitment from two parties, love, mutual respect, and a concern for the other's well-being. The partnership is made up of two individuals with different backgrounds, different points of view, and different expectations. In order to make this partnership a happy and well-functioning one, a couple needs to show respect for each other and learn how to work together. When there is a division, divorce is often the result.

Monroe residents may recall a story about baseball star Andruw Jones being arrested for allegedly attacking his wife on Christmas Eve. The wife has taken the next step, filing for divorce and asking that the prenuptial agreement she signed be tossed out. Apparently, the final straw for the wife was the abuse she received from her husband. A Christmas Eve party had ended and, according to the police report, Jones' wife was putting together a computer table.

When she asked her husband for assistance, an argument must have broken out between the couple because he then is alleged to have attacked her. She told law enforcement that she was dragged downstairs by her ankles and that Jones threatened to kill her.

In the divorce filing, she is seeking primary child custody over the couple's only child. There is no word as to whether Jones has hired an attorney to represent him. If the prenuptial agreement is removed by the judge, then the divorce proceedings could go on for some time. Anyone contemplating divorce can talk with an attorney to receive legal advice.

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