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Domestic violence charges after woman taken to hospital

More attention has been given to domestic violence in the last several years and, as a result, laws in North Carolina regarding this crime have grown tougher. Victims can obtain a restraining order or protective order; when someone is convicted of committing domestic violence, that person is generally given jail time and may be ordered to pay some sort of restitution to the victim. The increase in penalties and public awareness campaigns are also helping victims reach out for help instead of suffering silently.

A female victim of domestic violence just over the North Carolina state line may want to consider filing for a domestic assault restraining order after she was allegedly beaten by her boyfriend. The woman was in emotional distress when law enforcement officers arrived and physical evidence backed up her story. Her brother contacted the authorities to report the incident after she managed to get a message to him on Facebook; the boyfriend broke her phone to prevent her from getting help.

The 26-year-old boyfriend apparently admitted to police that there was a physical fight which escalated from a verbal argument. The girlfriend had two black eyes, a bald patch on her head where the man had pulled out a portion of her hair and a mark on her face that looked like the print of a shoe; the victim said she was kicked in the face.

As a result, the boyfriend was arrested and charged. The woman was taken to a hospital in North Carolina by her brother for treatment of her injuries. She may want to consider contacting an attorney who can help her obtain legal protection against her alleged abuser.

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