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Should Demi Moore be given spousal support in divorce?

For couples in Ballantyne who are planning to file for divorce, one of the questions that might arise is over whether a spouse should be given spousal support, and if so, how much? If a couple is unable to come to an agreement, than the family law dispute will likely fall upon a judge to make the final decision. Spousal support, or alimony, as it was originally called, is not always granted as many spouses now have their own careers and income. However, if one spouse is making significantly more money than the other spouse, than the other spouse might feel they are entitled to financial support.

Many of you already know that Demi Moore and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, have gone their separate ways. Apparently, Moore has been trying to negotiate a financial settlement but Kutcher seems unwilling to give her what she wants. It is unknown what the spouses' separate net worth is and whether there are jointly owned assets at stake.

While it first looked like the split was going to a quiet one, it seems that a judge may have to decide whether Moore should be given spousal support. This is because Moore is asking for it in her own separate divorce filing. If it is determined that Moore qualifies for support, then the judge might be left with deciding how much she will receive.

Regardless of whether a couple is dealing with a high asset divorce or one where there is a home and small savings at stake, it seems that when money comes into the picture, peaceful negotiations can suddenly go sour. At that point it may be a good idea to consult with an attorney to find out what the law allows and what their rights are.

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