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Social media considerations in divorce

As technology continues to change and advance in Ballantyne, North Carolina, so to do the complexities and considerations of divorce. Years ago, before the internet came into popularity, there was less likely to be as much of a “paper trail” that could be followed to show that one side was lying or embellishing their story. Now, with the increasing use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, people who are going through a divorce, particularly a nasty one, may be unconsciously sabotaging their own case.

This is because many people do not realize that their social media accounts can be used against them in court. There are those who think they are safe because their ex or his or her friends do not have access to their account, but that is not fail proof. Fake accounts can be set up or friends of friends can be asked to take screen shots of posts that are defamatory or discount your story.

For example, photos you post on Facebook taken on an expensive vacation may discredit your story of needing spousal support in order to make ends meet. Even seemingly innocent posts or photos can be taken out of context and used to make you look bad in court.

For these reasons, it is wise to always think twice about what you are putting out there while you are going through a divorce. You may wish to speak with an attorney experienced in family law in order to receive more advice and counsel as you navigate your divorce.

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